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Rockets Swan review         7/01/2023


Game 9


Just when you thought it was safe to browse the pages of Facebook unattended, and just when you didn’t expect it, oh no I’m back.

With the holiday break done and dusted and the new year flying past already it’s back into it again.

Well what a game we have to review today, it’s the battle of the east verses west side of the river.

And in one corner we have the big guns, the bold, the brave, the badasses, from Bassendean.

And in the other corner, we have the poor cousins, the sweet, simply, savage Swans from the swamps of the soggy bottoms.

The little Black Ducks yahhhahahaha.


Well as the sun rose high in the sky, the heat settled to a balmy 35c, and the wind abated to a refreshing breeze.

The Swans sat under the cool patio sipping on a refreshing ale or two, waiting for the rich uncles to arrive.

Two of my old compadre’s from Toodyay arrived and shortly afterwards the rest of rag tag band turned up.

Then the back slapping and hand shaking took place and with the pleasantries over it was off to the bowling green to do battle once more for bragging rights for the first half of the season.

Now straight out of the blocks came the Folsom prison blues boys led by the recent escapee Brian Davis, with Over the Hilsz doing his own escape thing and slipping up and missing out on an eight.

The rest of the escape crew had read the script and with Robot Ross holding the torch, and the Italian Stallion reading the map, the plan was coming together nicely.

They almost got caught a few times but a late twist and turn saw them outwit the Bassendean Strahan side and win by a comfortable 33/19.


Back from the highlands of somewhere was the wee laddie from somewhere else, the one and only Mac Haggis Urquhart. His unlikely band of pond dwellers were still in holiday mode, but they helped just enough to stop the Bassendean boys from dunking them under the murky water.

It was one of those games. No one played well but we all took turns to do just enough to keep it close. We were just behind the whole game and then suddenly we leapt to the front on the 20th end to be in front by two shots.

We moved the kitty to reduce the chances of the basso boys getting a big score, but Nolan wasn’t having that and took the kitty into the ditch for two. Mac Haggis drew to cut it back but just fell shy by a Micky whisker, which left Eugene with a match winning bowl in his hand.

He stood, he weighed his shot and he delivered, he wasn’t happy, but it was traveling, and it rolled and rolled and stoped just shy of making it three ending a fun day of banter and bowls in a draw. 19/19


What do we have left, of yeah of course, the man himself, the one that everyone blames for all their bad bowls, Bob Tail.

He cuts and prepares that bloody thing that everyone has an opinion about, and then dons the colours for the club and skipper’s his side.

With Garrick Rowlinson controlling the mat and Mother Duck adding some feathers down to the nest, it left the new boy Huge McKay, fresh the backwoods of Armadale to add to the pile. Bobtail’s kept the sides honest and came out in front 19/17.


Now with the last team playing the tough gamesman of Rhodes, it was always going to be a tough job, but the battling Irish with an Italian master painter backed by the cunning draw bowler Billy Harris, it was up-to the bush

bashing camper Kotuku to set things in motion.

The heads were tight, and it took huge bowls from both sides to gain the advantage each end. Just as one skipper thought he had played a great bowl, the other pulled a top shot and took it back.

The Basso boys ended in front but not without a tough battle. 15/24.


Well, if you’ve done your sums, you’ll see the aggregate was ours 86/79 and 6.5 points.

So, for the first half of the season the bragging rights are ours.

Looking forward to the next encounter with the kissing cousins from over the bridge on the last day of pennants this season. If I’m allowed.

Hope the Basso boys enjoyed the cold beers, our company, and the great sandwiches afterwards. It was good to catch up.

Well, that’s it for this week, let’s do it all again next week.

Rockets down for maintenance.

Time for a coffee and a smoke.

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