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Now now, I know the review is late due to us having our 125th birthday carnival yesterday, yep that’s right 125 years old and still going.

The club is turning over a new leaf and things are changing, so watch this space for more news of events and on our web page and a new Facebook page.

The carnival was a great success and we had heaps of fun and those that played enjoyed the atmosphere.

Those that helped and worked their butts off enjoyed seeing the club alive.


Now you’ve probably seen the results, but you haven’t read the first hand review of the game we had at Cambridge on Saturday. So here goes.


Now let’s look at the flamboyant Irish bantam, PK.

What a great dynamo and influencer of his side. He inspired his team to the point they emulated that feat by JC and they thought they could walk on water. Cambridge were in all sorts of trouble as the mad Irish leprechaun controlled the game with young Ben (red dog 🐕) who has only started bowling this season leading and doing well. With Jimmy (the voice) Hilian talking a good game, I think we will call him FIGJAM from now on. With the all rounder old timer Billy Harris playing his steady controlled game, and PK giving his signatory’s ‘YES’ ‘that’s how you do it’ fist in the air when he took out offending Cambridge errant bowls. Finishing his game with a healthy win 21/10. Wahoo.


Lindsay (Bob tail) Sanders was having the opposite game, Cambridge was in full control even though the Swan side weren’t playing bad.

Garrick Rowlinson was putting them in, and Nick Knack Wick Wack Tony Natalotto who was playing with his wounded wing gave the best he could on the day. Backing them up was my Kiwi Brother, Kotuku Engelen who pulled shots from the trick bag but nothing was helping as Cambridge answered with shots of their own leaving BobTail green with envy. Bobtail poked and poked and drew and drew with all the crayons he could find but couldn’t keep the Cambridge boys out. Falling short 11/24.


The young Gun, Brian (cool hand) Davis just couldn’t get the right side of shots and fell behind early on. Every shot or draw he tried just kissed the wrong side. We all knew it was just a matter of time when they would get the right side and the tables would turn, but when? Would it be in time, yeah of course it was. A late run of skilled shots by all the guys made the difference.

With Robot Rossco Dunstan who kept putting his bowls in the head, the Italian Stallion, Rocco Furci backing him up and with ‘Mr smooth’ Hilz, who was full of confidence built the head with cherry tomatoes 🍅 bowls, gave Brian the chances he needed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat and finished up, 28/23. Wahoo 2 points so far.


The last rink, yeah it’s Rocket back in the fray as The crazy Scotsman Robbie was getting inebriated at his Christmas party, and why not.

Rocket took out another fresh face, Mark Nelson and let him battle with an old battle hardened veteran from Cambridge who had him on the ropes a few time, but with the backing of the team, and encouraging words, like FFS get them close, lol, he showed he will have promise as he gets more experience. Backing him up was my country cousin from the wrong side, Johnny (sparky) Engelen who sprayed the green and covered all eventualities leaving, yes! your reading it correctly the one the only ‘Mother Duck’ Sharyn Mercer, and what a girl, she saved my bacon on numerous occasions with perfect draw bowls and just the right weight over the draw shots, leaving arm chair Rocket 🚀 Rod time to have a smoke in the naughty corner. Now we held our own against a determined Cambridge four. We nipped and ducked 🦆 at their heels all day.

The aggregate was tight and we were the only side out on the green. We were up on the aggregate by one shot thanks to Bobtail drawing two shots on his last end, PK with his big win and Brian’s side pulling through on the last few end, but bugger me we were down on our last end by five shots, all clumped together in a tight formation and no way to get shot. I searched in my bag of tricks and tried a weighted shot but it wouldn’t turn, bugger. The opposition skip placed a protective bowl.

I got on the mat five down with the aggregate all but gone, stood and listened to the crowd, blocked all from my mind and threw the agate at the head straight down the line, smashed the short opposition bowl square into the head where it dislodged everything including the kitty which snuck out to Johnny Engelen covering (lol) bowl for one up and the aggregate. 23/24 almost a win but the aggregate is the important thing.


With that, ‘ I waaaas hit by a truck, straight from the ruck, by a Māori ……..’

Needless to say the Swannies were pretty happy and when I recover from my hospital bed I’m sure I will be too.



Rocket 🚀 patching up in recovery ❤️‍🩹

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