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Well butter my butt and call me toast, I must be mad. It’s been a crazy week plugging holes in a leaking boat 🛶. The good news is the holes are plugged and we are seaworthy. Got to say a big grassyass to Bobtail as an old mate ‘Cisco’ used to say.


The little black ducks stayed at home again and played the North Beachers who thought that they were coming to steal our bread 🥖 but no way were we going to make it easy for them.

Yet again the selectors were forced to do some juggling in our sides as a couple of ducklings went missing but we flew across the water and splashed the Beachers and while they were wiping their eyes we stole the points. 7/1.


Lindsay ‘Bob Tail’ Sanders freshly mown and rolled splashed the Beachers, and with his side in fine form there was no doubt of the result for the day. 

With the chief inspector producing his solid game, the patriarch of solidarity Tony ‘nick knack wick wack’ with his shoulder slowly healing produced the goods for the ‘Kiwi Kokonut King’ Kotuku to lay some grief to the opposition. Bobtail put the finishing roller to the game and showed there ain’t no grass on this rock performance with a close finish, 14/12.


The little Irish ☘️ battler Paul Kelly, was head over heels again against the Beachers four but couldn’t quite find that finishing touch again. He must be using all his ‘touch’ at night and in the mornings with a little Spanish angel.

The solid build ‘Rowie’ did the hard yards and was backed up by the stalwart Billy Harris and with Geoff ‘Mala’ Malaspina showing great form just they just couldn’t tame the Beechers. 

PK, with so much on his mind at present just could get his head around the shots. They Almost made it but dropped a couple of important ends to fall short for the day. 23/29.


The BP of bowls, the quiet achiever, the one the only, Robby ‘McHaggis’ Urquhart showed he isn’t past playing a great game we are just waiting for it to happen, 😂. 

Nah not really, the gnarly robust Robby played some absolute corker’s and had the Beechers in dismay, we let him down a couple of times and he pulled us out of the bog with his ‘cool hand Luke’ draw, or his fire 🔥ball drive. With Paul Natalotto showing what a difference having a lead makes, backed up by Johnny Engelen’s twin brother 😆 who hopefully is available for the rest of the season made my job easy as third, just as well, yeh I know. With the Swan four playing a solid game, we slid home 27/16.


The final rink gave Brian Davis an armchair ride he reckoned, and with ‘Robbie the Robot Rossco’ Dunstan winning 19 of the 21 ends for the day, it was an easy job for ‘The Italian Stallion’ Rocco Furci to contribute to the head. Hilsz relaxed and free from serious pressure played with great weight control and put the opposition under the pump. When the heads are set up well the other team are under the pump and play wild shots causing them to loose points at a rapid rate, and so it was, never in doubt a win 31/17.


Celebration’s 🍾 we’re in full swing, when our away team came home with another aggregate win and 5 points thanks to a huge score by Brian Thomas 32/10.


Looking better now on the ladder, but some tough times are coming over the next few weeks, with a few missing due to work and Christmas parties so let’s keep calm and keep paddling. Remember it’s a shit job being the selectors so show them some well-deserved respect guys and girls and remember it’s for the Swan Bowling club you play for, and it’s a team effort.


Rocket 🚀 flying in low orbit.


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