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Rockets Swan Review 3/12/2022

Game 6

In the bushman’s outback territories nestled amongst the burnt shrubs and scraggly ageing trees, lies a green oasis with a sports facility, that serves burnt offerings to those that partake in the weekly ritual of bowls.

The tiny Swan club sent some little black ducks fresh from the cool pond to the Warwick dry outback to do battle with the magpies to see if they could return with some spoils.

The oasis’s surface looked dry and pitted but ran at a fair speed and had plenty of turn on both hands. With the breeze barely reaching down to the playing surface the bowls were in the hands of the players.

With the kiwi contingent loaded the ‘chilly bin’ with foreign beers from the Warwick bar and the game was on.

Well between FIFO, holidays, Christmas parties and dummy spits, I’m sure the selectors are busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger as they are in many clubs and so it was this week with us.

Experienced and talented bowler Brian Davis gave Hilsz’s rink a boost and made the Warwick boys work for every shot.

Robotic Rossco Dunstan was backed up by Rocco with Hilsz relaxing trying to find that touch again. The young gunslinger Davis used his weight control to limit any damage and held on to a slim margin until the last end where he killed the end to try and maintain the one shot lead. The Warwick Jon Borkowski deftly took the kitty away from the Swan held shots and maintained the two for a one shot win. 15/16

The Flying Scotsman Robbie MacHaggis Urquhart took to the field with a fresh face today, in only his fifth game Mark Nelson a freshly scrubbed face from the bag of new bowlers we have that are coming along nicely in the nursery.

Mark was initially a bit wayward but with Robbie’s calming highland manner. (Ufye kanna git cloos, Kipit ooot of ma way) seemed to work well.

Nelson spied an opportunity or two and relaxed and added his two cents worth to the pot, allowing the bush chook Engelen to chuck in a few bob to sweeten the pot.

Rocket running on an empty tank, spluttered and backfired for a few ends taking his time to refuel and help out, leaving the work to MacHaggis who shone like a fresh minted copper penny right from the start. Scoring was minimal each end and the two sides traded blows for most of the game until a couple of shots didn’t work and we fell just short of the full quid. 13/18.

PK and his band took to the opposition with gusto and made short work of any bowls that gave them grief.

Sunshine Bob Johnson lead with Billy Harris backing up and the Italian contingent Malaspina all working well allowing the battling Irishman to perform and take the lead and maintain the healthy lead to the end with little resistance. 29/13.

Lindsay ‘Bobtail’ Sanders relished the opportunity of skippering and made short work of the Warwick side.

Garrick ‘ Rollo’ Rowlinson appeared to be in full control of the leading and was covered by the well known Tony ‘Knick Knack Wick Wack ‘ Natalotto who is recovering from his shoulder operation but he relished a chance to be back in the fray, instead of the side lines.

Bobtail was supported by the bush chook Kiwi Kotuku who when he wasn’t refuelling or on walk about actually contributed to the game. With the side performing well they shot into the lead and held Warwick scoring to a minimum. 27/16

With the aggregate well in hand 84/63, Swans little black Ducks said thank your mother for the rabbits and took 6 points and headed back to the cool pond.

Not only did our top side get the aggregate but when we went back to the club, our second side had done even better with an 8 point win over Cambridge and also our third side came back from the bush-lands of Pickering Brook with the full compliment of points also.

Great day for the Swan Bowling club.

With just a few games to go before the Christmas break let’s all swim in the same direction and support our selector’s.

Don’t forget the 125 th Birthday and Christmas carnival.

Great Prize money and only $40 per player entry fee. See the flyer and get your team in for a great time, too feed, and a friendly day of bowls.

Rockets off exploring till next week



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