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It was Remembrance Day this week and the black ducks went to North Perth which just happens to be my original club some 30 plus years ago. I remember the place as warm and friendly and a having a great atmosphere and it still is today. Well done North Perth, still a great place.

The club has come a long way from those old days but still retains that small club feel, while being progressive, it is encouraging all comers to join in the atmosphere of bowls clubs.

It was great as always, sitting down after the game, having a ‘sandwich’, yarning with the competitors about friends and of past games over a beer or two and catching up on the social side of being a bowler.


Our little black ducks travelled to my old pond, the newly promoted North Perth and we splashed around the banks and dived in the water having a great time. The North Perth side gave us one hell of a time and fought back on three rinks to make the aggregate close at times.


North Perth were holding Brian Davis’s rink under water and kept them struggling for air for most of the game. The guys just couldn’t find the right line and length. End after end they struggled valiantly but were behind by something like 6/20.

It took all of Brian’s skills to keep them afloat until things turned and the side surfaced again and started gasping for lungfuls of air and claiming a heap of shots. Without the great fight back from that side, we would have lost the aggregate but they just ran out of ends and fell short. 20/26


Hilsz’s side seemed more balanced this week and set up the easel and canvas for a leisurely day enjoying the view over the North Perth pond and didn’t look back.

With a steady hand from Rollo, who lay in the background wash, he controlled the opposition lead, and little BT splashing a few well placed blobs of bright orange🍊 around the head. It left Mala to prime the scene allowing Hilsz to put the finishing touches to the artwork. Hilsz was in fine form drawing with his artistic flair, (or is that autistic I’m not sure) and taking the point with a great win 15/20.


PK’s side was in a pickle for a huge part of the game, as nothing seemed to work.

Early in the game PK played a corker and converted but the opposition played an even better shot and converted back again and was holding five shots. PK played his last and was just a fraction overweight on the heavy green and missed every bowl in the head which would have cut the score down. The opposition added another one for a disastrous six shot down.

It didn’t matter as the fighting Irish ☘️ are used to being in a bog.

Being stuck in the mud just made them try harder and they pulled themselves free and fought back.

The boys were on the back foot from then on, but Sunshine ☀️ Bob relished his new role as lead and owned the ends from then on, backed up by Billy who added shots. Paul Natalotto was having a nightmare day as the weight of the green eluded him on many occasions but PK backed the front end up and kept the Black ducks in contention and drew level 20/20 with the last end to play.

With PK controlling the games tempo to his advantage they pulled a little bit of Irish ☘️ magic and turned around a deficit and pipped the North Perth side on the final end. The front end drew two great close bowls and made the opposition chase to turn it to their advantage but they only managed to get second shot, leaving the ducks with the win. 21/20.


The ethnics were in full force today as the Celtic side for Robbie Urquhart were in full battle mode.

The mad, quiet little Scotsman, still under repair from previous battles was in fine form, nailing a couple of drives which turned negatives into positives and took his sword to anything that stopped us from scoring.

The front end of battle hardened kiwis took control of the battlefield, with Kotuku playing with the opposition lead and even letting him have shot occasionally, only to see the senior Engelen snatch the shot away and return it to well placed junior’s s bowl.

With the battle moving into gorilla tactics the opposition fought back end after end but it gave me a chance to pull a few ‘hairs out of my ass’ or is that rabbits 🐇 out of a hat 🎩 and set things up for the Scotsman to slash the opposition down to size.

We held our ground all day and played as a team and each played shots when required giving us a comfortable win 🥇 23/11 and allowing us to have the aggregate 7/1.


Still in seventh spot on the table but only 6 points behind the second spot we are close enough to climb up the ladder with some more aggregate wins.


Our second side also played North Perth but at home and had a sad loss.

I don’t have all the details but our one and only ‘mother duck’ will fill you in, in her ‘review’.


They won on two rinks and drew on one other, but fell short on the aggregate by 4 shots, bugger.

Rocco had a good win 23/15.

With his name being Jimmy Drew I’m not surprised he had the draw, 18/18.

Shazam Mercer and her side held out the opposition and won against a tough skipper who apparently saved around 20 shots for the day, 19/15.

Sadly Ron Jones side took a beating and lost 😞 9/25.

So a hard fought 2.5/ 5.5. Sitting in sixth spot but again just a few more aggregate wins will shoot them up into the stratosphere.

Our 6th division started this week and we’re full of new and old bowlers who went to Morley and took almost all the points, how rude, lol 😂

From what I can see they had two tight games but held their mettle and won 42/39, phew that’s close.

Rinks of Micky Sullivan, Dave White, Phil Parkinson and Dave Pert, had a tight loss 20/19. Still good well done.

The other team of Ben Milligan, John Barry, Mark Nelson and Norm Foote were a shoe 👞 in at 23/19.

Almost a full house guys and 3 points, well done for the fledgling black ducks.


‘Mother Duck’ will fill in the finer points in her report.


Rocket 🚀

over and out for the day

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