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Game 10  14/01/2023

Before I even look at the review.

Some of the saddest news I’ve had in a long time was hearing that May Urquhart had passed away.

That little power house, that lovely lady, the little dynamo, I don’t know what to say, I really don’t.

I, and many, many, more send all the best to the Urquhart family, we cannot know how you feel, but hope you all cope with her not physically being here, but know this, that although she may not be here any more I for one will cherish the memories I have of her.

The wee highland lassi always had time for a chuckle, a quick retort a hug. I just wish I knew what she said to me.


Life goes on, and then your gone, just like pennants.

We all take it seriously and then we drown our sorrows and kill a few brain cells and punish our livers trying to recall the odd good bowl and forget to mention all the bad ones.

The YOKINE doggies came to hunt the little black ducks and weren’t they in for a surprise.

We ducked and dived and led them on a merry hunt.

The newly appointed skipper of Italian persuasion Malaspina took to the role, dare I say it, ‘like a duck to water’ and with the monster Kotuku kiwi leading, Harris two and the bantam weight, fighting duck, Wick Whack, Nick Knack Natalotto backing them up they snuck up and bite the doggies on the bum and stole the point, 17/16.

Solid performance by the Sanders rink, within sergeant ‘shut up’ Hillian leading the side, not sure where he was leading them but it sure put the opposition of the scent. Just as well Mother duck ‘Shazz’ was there to guide them back on the path. New recruit Hugh McKay showed he ain’t one to mess with in a game of bowls and took the opportunity to put on a fine display leaving BobTail Sanders to chip in and pull out a massacre against my old sparring buddy ‘Chainsaw’.


Me little haggis wielding mate, Robbie the Urquhart played with a sad heart yesterday as did those that new ‘Mum’.

We all did our bit and frustrated the doggies enough to add another point to the pot in a low scoring game, 20/10

On the end rink Brian Davis just wasn’t having a good day, nor was his team. They tried and tried but the doggies were just having the better game. With perseverance and a gritty comeback they managed to pull back the huge deficit and saved us the aggregate with a loss, 15/22.

7/1 for the day 81/67. Not a bad days play.

So we are in 4th spot guys, real close up and down on the table and each game requires us to play hard and make each bowl count, give that little bit extra next week and keep going.

Our next game we will have Black Armbands for the Urquhart family and to the memory of May Urquhart, my wee little highland lassie.

Rocket out

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