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30th October 2022

Well me hearties we are back into it and by Christ it was shiver me timbers weather.

Wasn’t it fekn cold yesterday. I can’t say I can remember it ever being that cold for the first day of pennants.

So let’s be having a little look at the day.

The little black ducks headed to the YOKINE pound and played on their carpet for the first time. It was very nice, very nice indeed.

Unfortunately we only managed 2 points even though around the 15th end it was all tied on the aggregate.

Despite all the bad press we have had from the Simple Simon Site, we have done a 360 you might say and all losses of valued members from a club is hard, but we have also gained a lot this season.

Form over the ditch, the kiwi warriors have invaded bringing their female war lords, and from way way way away Armadale we have a bit of a young gun and an old gun too. Also we have gained the services of the quiet softly spoken Scotsman Robbie Urquhart who is recovering from a hip replacement but you canna keep a Scotsman down and he has also been a great recruit for us.

We have also some fresh blood young and old who have decided that bowls is great and would love to play. So I guess we have done well. Mind you always room for a few more.

So with a Scotsman an Irishman and a a few English Gentlemen and the Kiwi contingent it’s looking like we will make a game of it this season.

So let’s be having a better look at the sides.

PK our new Irish President and Mala our outgoing Italian President paired up and worked well together, with the front end of Garrick (Rollo) and Rocket playing two setting things up for the back end we all did our thing and managed a point for the day in a tight game 17/16.

With freshly stamped passport in hand Brian Davis and his team grabbed our other point over Tony Kay’s strong side. These guys like to drive and the Jack flew a few times. 21/20.

Robbie was backed up with our part time bowler Woody who is now blowing things up in the bush and they had the chance of another point but were snipped on the heals by ‘Beans’ with his pink bowls. 22/26.

Freshly minted skipper Hilsz had a rough time, but showed the side has potential with a bit of tweaking. A few games under their belt they will gain a lot of experience, and the club needs the younger members to take up the challenge. 12/22.

We have a few experienced guys sitting out due to wear and tear just waiting for a game so every spot is up for grabs as the walking injured get their repairs fixed. We also have a bit more depth in our second side just waiting for a chance too.

Just a quick look at midweek.

Swan took on North Perth and fell short only getting 1 point for the day 57/65

Kotuku had a tough day and fell short 15/30.

Paul Natalotto nearly grabbed the game but was thwarted at the last hurdle 16/20.

Rockets side grabbed the only point for the day against a determined old battler Angelo Demarte 26/15.

So it looks like a bit of fine tuning with our limited supply of Thursday bowlers will be on the selectors agenda this week.

Rocket refuelling