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Rockets Review

Round 5


Just for the early risers with coffee and toast at the ready, I got up early for you buggers.


I can see it’s going to be one of those seasons. Fresh from the week of turmoil of Umpire gate, we’re waiting for a decision by the powers to be, but can guess the outcome.

I have had people from around the state and interstate and even from overseas too who have said, ‘ no way will you win the disagreement, they will back the umpire’.

We wait in anticipation.


Well bowlers, it was the best day we have had for a long while weather wise.

Sun was out, not too hot, wind, yeah not bad at Swan at least. Heard it was a bit blustery elsewhere though.


Into the game and returned skipper Davis and his band kicked off and took the lead despite some great shots from Doubleview skipper and old comrade Chris McKenna who slipped some costly shots into impossible spots to keep the scores tight. 

Robotic Ross Dunstan did a great job, and was backed, by dependable Micky Eckett who set up heads that looked promising straight from the start. 

With ‘Bobtail’ Saunders, consolidating, Davis at the rear, they had good heads but McKenna kept his side in the hunt right to the last end, where Swan held a tight handful of shots only to see Chris pull a miracle shot off and push a stray bowl in to get shot, cutting us out of a handy number which was the aggregate difference.

The Davis rink still grabbed the point with a win of 24/17.


The battle weary Irishman and his side of leprechauns went into the game full of confidence but it wasn’t to be. The Doubleview boys skippered by Gary Nelson kept the Swan boys down and made them fight for every shot. PK didn’t have his usual game stifled by the impending BWA decision hanging over his head he just didn’t have his heart and mind in it and fell away when it mattered.

They held on dearly but Nelson had the upper hand for the day, so our boys fell short and finished 18/23.


Hilsz and his side was having a nightmare of a game, dropping shots to a strong rink, skippered by young Brandon Heta. 

It didn’t matter what the swan boys did, Heta outdrew it. The Swan boys fought hard and pulled the Doubleview lead back for a few ends but the Heta team just ploughed on and we went down heavily. 13/27


The aggregate score was in the balance all day with there only being only a couple of shots in it. 


The wee Scotsman Robbie ‘Mac Haggis’ Urquhart played against the fighting bantam ‘Prickles’ Thorn who have both been around a while. Tactics were played, mind games brought into play, and all the tricks of the game were tried.

Leading for us was the Kiwi 🥝 duo of Kotuku and Johnny who kept the Doubleview boys honest for the day and had a great tussle. 

The back end tussle between myself and Blair was a fun filled affair with the usual taunting barbs. Gaining the upper hand we held the lead all day despite Prickles pulling game saving draws and running shots to keep it tight.

 MacHaggis was having none of that hanky panky and retaliated with some great drives to remove errant bowls. I pulled some trick shots of my own when heads were not forming well and changed things around to our advantage, making Blair and Prickles shake their heads. It doesn’t matter how you get them boys it’s all a bit of Rocket magic.

Johnny Engelen had a great day knocking Kotuku’s close bowls away and taking his place giving the father/ son duo an in-house battle of barbs and whips adding to the enjoyment of the game. 

Trying hard on the last end we we’re in the position of holding a few shots, checking  and double checking if it was possible to grab the aggregate, but with Doubleview converting on the other three rinks on their last end, we needed 5 and only held 3 which was cut back by Prickles to 1 shot, so despite a win on our rink of 21/13, we fell short on the aggregate by 4 shots. 76/80.


Great game, good fun and back into it again next week at Warwick.


It’s tough for the selectors getting the sides balanced and settled, what with players working FIFO and various other reasons for unavailability but I guess the selectors will have to tinker around again and fine tune again next week.

Don’t get upset because they do, just pull up your ‘big girls panties’ and do your job for the Swans  🦢 


Rocket 🚀 off to do battle in the Master Triples at ‘your banned’ Bassendean.

Going to be a dry old day as Rocco and I still can’t buy a drink or enter the club house. 

More fun to be had not only battling the opposition but the committee too.

Come on down and support the Rejects, come one come all and give them the S*&/$. We will do our best for the little black ducks at Swan.


Rocket 🚀 landing


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