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Rockets Review Week 2


So guys and girls, after recovering from the freezing cold of last week, it was back into it again. The weather was at its best, with clear blue skies, a gentle breeze and the scent of fresh mown grass in the air, except those on plastic, then it was the smell of old dust clogging the nose hairs.

The medications and poultice’s must have done their jobs as most played again, except those poor buggers that worked or had weddings or some other lame excuse. How could you not want to play lawn bowls, huh.

‘O’ well let’s have a review of yesterday 5/10/22. With that date there was bound to be a few fireworks remember, remember the fifth of November, bonfire night in pommie land, for those of you with foreign blood, it was the day that a disgruntled Pom decided to blow up the politicians and those in charge, not a bad idea, I’d bet a few would like to see that happen to some of our overseer’s and governing bodies.

One Blue took to our home greens and did battle with Sorrento and it was looking good for a fair bit of the game, with three sides in front and one lagging close behind, but at the crunch it was the behind rink in front and the front runners behind. Only one point 68/73.

PK’s side was struggling to settle and it took all of the luck of the Irish and skill and cunning to keep things close. Rossco led and Craig backed him up as his two, but both struggled to get it all together fighting the variable winds and weight control on rink two, leaving Mala to put the undercoat on with his Italian inspired bowls in red, white and green for PK to put the finishing touches to the ends. The side were behind for a big proportion of the game but pulled the deficit back and won a hard fought game and put a rocket under the opposition finishing in front by two. 18/16.

Patched and bandaged up from last weeks battle, was Hilsz’s rink.

Garrick ‘Rollo’ was transferred over to give them a good start, and he did a great job again leading well. Playing second was the little battler Brian (BT) Thomas. Plucked from the second side he tried real hard and had ‘some’ good backup bowls. Long time bowler Billy Harris tried his hand as third this week for Hilsz and for a while the side did well, maintaining a good lead, and yet despite Hilsz playing some great bowls they fell just shy of the point at the finish. 17/19.

Robbie ‘MacHaggiss ’ Urquhart, still stiff and sore from his hip operation and varying degrees of work related battle scars, (getting older suck) had the pleasure of my company, Rocket .

His front end comprised of the kiwi contingent of father and son, the warrior band of Engelen’s.

Leading today was Kotuku ‘(Koko)’ who had a great first end and John ‘(Johnny)’ who had a good last end, ( only joking fellas, I’m not going in the hangi ). So with the bookends taken care of, Rocket tried to fill the rest of the bookshelf with cunning and bull dust with MacHaggiss putting in the punctuation marks on most ends. We were comfortably in front for most of the game, but the Sorrento side hadn’t read the script properly and flipped a couple of pages of the story late in the game and stamped our library book and beat us. 17/20.

The final rink of Brian Davies we’re doing great also. Micky led well, Bruce Rowe backed him up and Bobtail played some corkers leaving Brian to whack a few heads, draw with pinpoint accuracy but in the end the last end went against them and they dropped the win by 2 shots. 16/18.

It was a great day of bowls and showed that despite having three of our normal top side players unavailable we managed to keep the pressure on and shows that we can build on the experience and start getting the larger end of the points. Just for reference we are still sitting in 7th spot with a good chance of improving on that next week at North Perth.

Our second side comprising of a number of ladies took the ride to the wealthy suburbs of Dalkeith Nedlands and were greeted by some their members and told that the men were playing and that they must have the wrong venue. Sometimes you have to wonder if the rich can read and that it’s open gender now.

As you can see it was a close game 78/82

Ron Jones 21/23

Rocco 17/23.

Jimmy Drew 23/18 good win mate.

Sharyn Mercer 17/18.

Great effort, no chocolates this week.

To rub salt in the wounds, when the girls ordered stubbies of Carlton Dry, they were told, no stubbies only cans which were out of date, and they wouldn’t be serving stubbies until all the outdated cans were sold.

I guess the Dalkeith members only drink more salubrious fare.

One other thing I am hearing, is a few clubs aren’t supplying afternoon fare, gee times must be tough if you can’t put on a few ‘sangers’ after the game for your visitors.

I know the view from many players, if you don’t want to be sociable then there is no reason to stay and have a beer then.

What is happening to the game, we are trying to attract bowlers and show that the game is played in a competitive manner and still have a social friendly atmosphere to it.

Bowls WA keep tinkering with the stuff. The time we start used to be good, 2 pm was had time to have some lunch, shower and play when the heat is waining. If you worked on a Saturday morning it gave you time to get to the game without rushing. Nah, let’s tinker with things and stuff it up. It’s even worse for Midweek, don’t get me started, lol.

Well guys and girls let’s patch our selves up and revise things and have another go next week.

Rocket medicating in preparation.

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