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Mother Duck


Well here we go first Friday night ladies pennants review. 

So on a very cold night we went to battle a very capable Basso side but with the Swan shirts on a very proud group of 8 ladies (not sure we can all call ourselves ladies)were on a mission.


Brenda's side went head to head one up one down and the fight was on with Dale the dynamite leading the way Deb destroyer backed up the start Tori (baby girl) made changes when needed Brenda lead her team with nothing less than gusto to a 13point win.


Sharyn's team started well getting a 9shot lead before Basso got on the board Leading the way was our newest Lady (she is a Lady)Rocking Ronda rolled the jack  and bowled her bowls giving us a start Sam played her socks off offen leaving the mat holding a least one shot Ally's Ally and she played with the ability we all knew she can Sharyn was left with little to do but add or cover giving her team a 13 shot win.

Friday night ladies would like to thank the riff raff (Swan men) for making the effort to come out in support.


Looks like we're in for a great season 


Signing off 

Mother Duck

So as Rocket missed a few of the finer points of 4th division I will try to enlightened you all.

Well here we go splashing around in our backyard pond the day started off looking like we were all doing backstroke but after a few ends it looked a little better and we slowly got into dog paddle mode....well 3 rinks did.

It is great to see a bond forming between the ducks on Rocco's rink and the fight was on when push came to shove they came out on top awesome.

Jimmy's rink took off doing a quick paddle and taking a good lead and it took the opposition a while to catch up which left them with a draw.

Shazza's rink was missing one of the ugly ducklings but all good as one of the big black ducks came to her rescue and lead like a demon Rosco Peko Train end after end just kept plonking them on and if it wasn't for the opposition skip would have won by a lot more.

Jones had a tough day all round but they will bounce back and paddling forward in know time 

2.5 points a couple more shots and it could have been ours. 

Over and out.


Mother Duck off to look after the ducklings 

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