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So, Friday night ladies pennants.


After doing the rounds of pickups, now with 5 of the 8 players in one car, we listen to the stories of the week and of course our bewitched Sam saying, can't wait for hot chips, only to arrive at Scarborough to find the kitchen closed,  looking at Sam's sad face 😞 ,we did the only thing we could, uber eats, so we all had chicken treat, feed and watered we headed to the green game time. 

Now with Sam's happy face 😄 on, the  games began. 


Brenda and her band of merry men (and ladies) took off to a flying start, they waddled up and down the green, fluffed their feathers 🪶 and quacked loudly as they played amazing bowls. 

Dynamic Dale always leads the way, setting up the head.

Lady Edgar, the only gander in the game, played with gusto.

Tori (baby girl 👶) gave her all, adding or drawing or dragging for more. 

Brenda the senior Duck had her feathers 🪶 in order and gave the big bowls when required. 

As a gaggle they didn't do anything wrong and came out on top with a 22-8 win.


Mother Duck held her babies close, and they had a rocky start, but to their credit they fought hard, and the good bowls came.

Lady Ronda had her feathers ruffled on the short ends, but once we got the mat and went long, she had a twinkle in her eyes and her bowls came out like never before. 

Sam wiggled her nose and bewitched her bowls and played some big shots. 

Our Ally girl played her best game in a while and found that Jack was her friend and quacked loudly. 

Mother Duck did what was needed and was very proud of her ducklings winning 19-11.


Well to the Riff raff...only had one attendee, so Ally made it her mission to get some locals on board and on board they got they cheered and clapped all the way to the end, so our Swan Riff raff better step up your game next week (😆)

Baby Duck needs her mother so till next time. 


Mother Duck 

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