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Well with Christmas and year celebrations done and dusted, we took to the new synthetic turf of Bedford bowling club and started the new year with a win. 

The game swung back and forth but ended in our favour. 

Brenda led her new look team to a 9 shot win. Dale the dynamic whipped up the green to set up the game, Edgar one of our new ladies learnt to play like one 😉, Tori (baby girl) played an awesome role with the support of her skipper adding to the opposition pain, every time Bedford thought they had it, those tough little ducklings stole it back.


Mother Ducks team had a last minute call in and although she forgot to shave and looked a bit  scruffy it made the numbers up, Ally chose to lead the team and lead she did, most ends she was there or about setting us up, with bewitched Sam having a great night out, running through bowls, drawing the impossible shots, she fluffed her feathers 🪶 and shone on the lake, then our bearded lady (Craig) had his ears on and listened to instructions 😀 a big thanks to him for the last minute call, he gave us the best bowls he could, so I can say I was going to the head feeling confident because my team had done the hard work, ending the game with a 6 shot win.


The Riff raff as always where there to support us, with a few, 'you idiots ' and 'well done ' makes us happy little ducklings...

Amazing win, great way to start the new year, onwards and upwards.

Feathers down till next week 


Mother Duck 

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