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Mother Duck


Review #4      2/12/2022


For the first time in 125 years Swan bowling club hosted its first Friday night ladies pennants, wow.

So the games began and it wasn't looking pretty, although some of us ugly ducks didn't look to bad, that's only my opinion. 

Anyway on to the game, 

Sharyn's rink looked like they were drowning 9 zip down on the board before they were able to get a score, but true to themselves, they floundered around and found themselves looking like the bowlers we can be and got the job done, winning by one shot a little too close for comfort. 

Brenda's rink looked a little better and lead on the board, before the opposition got their backs up and started to fight back, they swam ,they sank, then swam again all the way to the end, an amazing fight ending one shot down at the siren. 

So ending the night with a draw.

The riff raff was out and about as they have been, every Friday night your support is outstanding.

Duck eggs to keep warm till next week.

Mother Duck 

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