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Mother Duck



So Friday night ladies pennants where to start oh at the beginning the weather was a warmer, not a beanie in sight, although some jackets came out later in the evening.


The ugly ducklings fluffed their feathers and began the way they always do paddling as fast as their little feet would go and took the lead on the score boards.

Brenda's rink looked like they were on a mission and never looked back, they left the opposition in their wake, splashing around like happy little ducklings powering away to win 29-8 well played and well deserved win.

Sharyn's rink paddled off to a 9-0 start after 3 ends, but then the current started to get stronger and know matter how hard we paddled, backwards we went only scoring on 3 ends after that, lucky enough to end with a draw 14-14, not our finest game, but we will unruffle our feathers and come out to fight another day.

The  Riff raff (Swan men) came out in support once even although not aloud a Basso took to the cheap seat's on the back of his ute and supported us from outside the fence.

Awesome support and much appreciated.

3 and a half points, onwards and upwards.

Ugly ducklings fluffed up and making a difference for Swan.

Signing off till next time 

Mother Duck 

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