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Mother Duck


Well...I'll be back soon just off too the loo...sorry what I meant, we went to Innaloo to play bowls.

So another Friday night ladies pennants, we dove into the loo and splashed around like ducks to water?

What a night, what with the Christmas party on back at our home pond (Swan bowling club) we thought that we would be fighting the fight alone, but NO a small but  vocal group of RIFF RAFF  still came out in support 👍. 

So onto the game.

Brenda's rink paddled off at top speed and never looked back, dynamic Dale hitting her straps early, nothing was going to stop her, Deb the Destroyer lived up to her name and did just that destroyed the opposition, Tori (baby girl) drew around, through and everywhere else to add to the score, Brenda stood tall with confidence and trashed her counterpart winning...27 to 8 yes you read that right,

Mother Ducks rink looked a little less in control, but the good little ducklings 🐥 just wouldn't lay down and fought hard to the end, Lady Ronda rolled the jack and  bowled her bowls and lead the way, a little  bewitched Sam followed bowling her heart ❤️ out for the team, Ally well there was some confusion for Ally and at some point she even confused herself as to what foot she  was stepping out with,  but informed Mother Duck it was her fault because she used her foot to show her where to get too, Mother Duck kept her side in the game and played a big bowl on the last end and got us over the line...winning with a little too close for comfort 13 to 11.

Job done taking out Scarborough, well done SWANS. 👏 

Spreading my wings and leaning to fly.

Mother Duck 

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