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14/01/2023 # 1

Division 4 off with a roar (or should I say a trickle) with Dave and Mandy’s car breaking down and leaking like the floods in the Kimberley’s. Thankfully Terry and Vucky were able to come to the rescue making sure our whole division was there for start time.

Meeting the rest of the flock at Bayswater it was finally time to start and start we did with most rinks taking a strong push to take the lead early. Ron’s rink had Brett leading the charge out playing his opposition lead and starting the team off with a strong head to work with. Edgar’s oestrogen levels must’ve been high still from Friday night carrying his fine form to play a great game. Terry played a much better game holding shot most ends even drawing to the ditch when the jack went in for a splash. With the effort from his team Ron only had to add to the points they had and when he needed to played a bomber bowl to take shot from the other team winning 26/17

There must’ve been something about the wide hand on micks rink with Dale the destroyer and Dave dominating the wide hand to take shot. Vucky had a great game as well killing a much needed end saving their asses from being down 4-5 shots. Mick played bowls he needed to when taking the mat. With a valiant team effort they couldn’t quite hold onto the lead going down 16/18

On the rink furthest from the bar we had a team that broke bayswaters heart. Ken lead like a trooper, bewitched sam was back again and killed her role as a two, Tori (baby girl) starred for the day pushing through, putting blocks and playing for cover which had the opposition wanting her to leave. Neil down the skip played some great runs and killed an end that wasn’t supposed to happen but saved us from losing the end. They pushed all day to win 24/19

Finally onto our final rink who had a hard day at the office. baysie had a Larkin named sticks who killed the lead role Ally did her best replied to his bowls with shot or back bowls. Jordie played well for shot, Craig (the bearded lady) played some great bowls and with his direction as a third lead Brian to play some great shots too. Unfortunately these little ducks couldn’t keep up 14/23

With a great result of 6 points 80/77 for the day puts us in 4th spot on the ladder. Keep up the good work everyone let’s show everyone what these little ducks can do.

Mother ducks calling see you next week
Little duck 🦆

Little Ducks.jpg
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