Despite the threat of rain and an attempt by the skies to open up during the final of the Fours Championships play was completed and results can now be revealed.


The plate final was tied at 14 all after the advertised 14 ends so an extra end had to be played.

Runners Up were Mick Eckett, Jimmie Hillan, Jimmie Drew and Dave Smart.

Winners were Tony Macca Natalotto, John Morss, Dale Preedy and Phil Parkinson.



The Championship Fours Final was also a close contest all day. It was also tied with one end to go at 15 all.

Runners up were – Rod Rocket Revell, Rocco Furci, Ron Jones and Brett Owen


Winners and Club Fours Champions are

Paul PK Kelly, Peter Hilsz, Greg Crain and Katie Hicks.


Congratulations to the winners and to all players who entered. The overall winners were Swan Bowling Club and the players.



Terry Keating

0418 938 212

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