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Hi Everyone,                                                                                                            14/10/2022


Here is the state of play for the upcoming season.


We started the preseason with some good news. Although we lost 7 players, we have gained 14. These players experience range from new novice bowlers to premier league bowlers in both the women’s and men’s ranks. All are very active club members and have already contributed to and helped at the club. With a player pool of 52 we took the step of nominate a division 5 open gender team in the Saturday pennants and a team in the Friday women’s pennants.


We have since lost 10 players to long term injuries, health, and personal reasons. We also have 4 FIFO players who are not available every week. We have therefore advised BWA that we will now not be fielding a Div 5 side on Saturday. We are trying to get a Div 6 side but only have the numbers for one rink, so we need to combine with another club for this to happen. We are working with BWA and other clubs to make this happen.


There is a similar situation with Thursday pennants. As the majority of our new bowlers are youngsters, they work so are not available. At the moment we will have to pull out of Div 5 but with a few players coming in we may be able to play Div 6.


Friday night Woman’s pennants remains unaffected will go ahead as planned. Thank you, Ladies.


Secretary Jill in her email pointed out the need for water bottles at the club. I will add that this now applies to most clubs (after COVID) so you will need them when playing away also.


Thanks for your time and see or contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.


See you on the green.


Terry Keating

0418 938 212

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