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Mother Duck



Friday night pennants

Splish splash  we were taking a bath it rained and it blew  but being the ugly ducks we are we put our heads down and our tails up and started our second outing of the season.


After the awesome win last week we had to prove it wasn't a fluke.

Brenda's rink paddled off at a great rate of knots and were well up on the board before they let the opposition score from their they just got better and better Dynamic Dale lead the way.

Deb the destroyer just broke their hearts with awesome bowling.

 Tori (baby girl) played like a demon, and Brenda lead her side to another amazing win.


Sharyn's side had some difficulties with the first few ends, but once they spread their wings and started to fly they fought hard and found out water runs off a ducks back they got on top of the opposition, and staying on top to the end, although hard work we fell over the line .

Once again the the riff raff (Swan men) some original and some new came out in force and quacked loudly from the banks,  your support is awesome keep it up.


Clean sweep 4 points keep it girls will upgrade from ugly ducklings to SWANS in know time.


Till next time 

Mother Duck signing off 

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