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A message from the Selectors.   10/11/2022




To all bowlers from the selectors


1st thing we as bowlers play for the Swan bowling club.

We as selectors try and make decisions to benefit the club, we are trying to make sure it is far and very one gets game. It doesn’t matter which division you play in as long as you can play have fun.


For anyone that doesn’t know the selectors are Paul K, Paul N, John V, and Mick S

We can speak to anyone about selection to get some input. In saying this if we decide to make a change we believe it’s the right thing to do a make a phone call explaining our reasons, this doesn’t have to happen but we believe it’s the best way. To clarify selection can been done on any day which the selectors see fit there isn’t a set day.

We know as selectors we have to make changes each week as we have 5 fifo workers. We believe everyone is capable of playing different rolls during the season 


If anyone has a problem with selection you can talk to us NOT ABUSE US .


Happy Bowling Everyone





Terry Keating

0418 938 212

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