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My Bad. I made a mistake below. Mark Nelson played in place of Ben in the final on Friday. I will add that he played a great game that night and then followed it up in his first ever pennants game on Saturday with another good performance.



Hi Everyone,


The final of the Club Fours was played on Friday night where thick jackets were required to ward off the chill. After watching some high standard bowls throughout the game, the last end saw two improbable jack movements from separate drives. The first drive saw the jack go forward after bouncing from the ditch to a very short bowl that Aly claims she intentionally left there while the second saw the jack fly over all the bowls into the ditch and this time stay and end the game.


The Champions are  Bobtail Sanders, Brian Davis, Jonny Engelen and Aly Engelen


Runners Up Robby Urquhart, Ben Milligan, Craig Davis and Kortz Engelen



The next event is the Mens and womens 2 Bowl Singles slated for Sunday 20th November. Sheets are on the board waiting for you to put up your names.



Terry Keating

0418 938 212

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